The German History and Tradition of Printmaking

Campbell Passport Enrichment Series

Nov 7, 2017
1:00 p.m.  
Taylor Bott Rodgers Fine Arts Building - Room 252

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The Campbell Passport travel program offers an in-depth look at German history ahead of its Martin Luther & the Reformation: A Christmas Tour trip.

Printmaking is a tradition deeply steeped in German history. The invention of the screw printing press in 1450 was done by Johann Gutenberg, along with the development of a unique oil-based ink, metal prism matrices, punch stamped typeface molds, and a functional metal allow to mold the type. Astonishingly, only minor improvements were made to Gutenberg’s press design until about 1800 because it was just as good.

Walk through the process of woodblock printing as it originated in Germany and view samples and slides of famous woodcut prints with Professor Larkin Tysor.